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Welcome to Ground-Surround-Ask Spiritual Intuitive and Healing..

I am Joanne and I am excited and grateful to be on this journey of helping people move forward to healing in a spiritual way.  I am passionate about my spiritual work and I look forward to working with everyone. 

I incorporate crystals and stones to cleanse and balance the chakras. I utilize many decks of oracle cards to help me provide guidance so that clients can move forward for their highest and greatest good. I connect with the Angelic Realm or Akashic Records for more guidance.  I use the highest spiritual tools.

I always GROUND by cutting my cords. I always SURROUND myself with a bubble of protection and I always ASK the Angels to help and guide me.  

My Affirmation- "I am Hope, Healing, Inspiration and Progression"



Angelic Therapy Readings= Connect to the Angelic Realm and open your heart to guidance                   1 hour  53.00

Angel Cards= Guidance from the angels and connecting to their wisdom and letting the cards show you your strengths and blessings.   (remote or in person)                        30 mins to 45 mins    33.00

Advanced Angelic Healing= Connect into the Angelic Realm, Lyra crystal grid, 7 Archangels, Golden Dome and the Golden Angelic Ray.   

1 hour 15 mins 45.00



Chakra Balancing= Seven stones for each Chakra Color to balance and realign your energy centers      

Energy Unblocker=Clears awareness and releases blocked energy when feeling unsettled

Infinity= Revives sluggish energy when feeling agitated

Seal of Solomon= Activates the Merkabah, the energy around the body

Spirit Lifter= Brings joy back if feeling unhappy

Body/Mind Balancer= every day balance and restores flow of energy

  (Can choose up to 2 per session)                             1 hour    35.00



SIH session= Starts with grounding, Violet Flame with St. Germain, then connecting into Angelic Realm or Akashic Records, clearing blockages related to presenting issue, then healing with the highest spiritual tools, then protection and choosing an empowerment card to close the session.      (available remote or in person)                                     1 hour 35.00



Master Level Reiki= Universal Life Energy flows through the practitioner hands that brings healing to Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual levels.   (available remote or in person)                            1 hour 50.00

Multi-dimensional Advanced Reiki= Byosen scanning, unplugging cords, clearing chakras, and freeing blockages.          1 hour   50.00


                AKASHIC RECORDS

Akashic Records reading with Akashic Cards= Connect into past lives, emotional blockages, and spiritual truths.   (Available remote or in person) 

 1 hour   53.00



Fairy card and crystal healing= connect with Mother Earth and the 4 Elements, earth, fire, water, and air.      1 hour 40.00


Joanne Kolodziej= Spiritual Intuitive and Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master Practitioner, Advanced Multi-dimensional Reiki Practitioner, Certified Akashic Records Practitioner, Angel Guide Reader Practitioner, Crystal-Chakra Healing Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist, Licensed Cosmetologist, and Magic Touch Spa owner over 25 years....

Spread your Wings and Fly......

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